YEAR 2001
DURATION 28 mins
Dawnrazor tells the tale of a woman who has been host to an ancient and sacred secret that only now has been identified
with her. One man called Cole must protect her and deliver the host to Fay so she can extract the knowledge before
the agents of darkness get to her first and all hell breaks loose.

Welcome to the world of Shadows...

Matt Wolf Cole  Dawn Martin Amanda  Joy Tinniswood Kara  Heather Tracey Fae  Adrian Palmer Severin
George Murphy Jerrard  Dawn Wilkinson Guardian  Saffron Miller Guardian  Charles McGuire Ancient One
Produced & Directed by Marq English  Screenplay by Marq English & Ritchie Taylor Cameras Matt Wolf & Gary Andrews
Production Manager / Continuety Sarah Musk  Art Director Robert Martins  First Assistant Director David Decio
Music Michael Rea Special Make Up Jeanni French  Stunt Co-ordinator Gary Andrews

Presented here is the DAWNRAZOR Movie plus extra Footage of the Trailer, Deleted Scene and Rehearsals.
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Enter the World of Shadows

Movie Trailer for DAWNRAZOR
Short scene with Kara and the Guardians
Rehearsal Footage with Matt, Dawn and Joy

Dawnrazor entered pre-production in March 2001 and was quite an ambitious project to execute on a limited budget. 
The main screenplay was written by director Marq English with script doctoring by Ritchie Taylor. When we came to casting, we
approached talented actor Matt Wolf to play Cole, in what would be his first collaboration with MEV Films. We had a casting call
for the role of Kara which went to the excellent Joy Tinniswood, who runs Production Company EgoTrip Films with her partner (and our
DOP) Gary Andrews.
Director Marq on location
Waiting to shoot a scene
Matt and Dawn in rehearsals
Joy and Matt at the auditions
Applying make-up for Joy

The shoot was geared up for action, intrigue and mystery with cameras finally rolling on Monday 16th July 2001 near Gatwick Airport.
The principal photography was scheduled for a six day shoot and was organised by Co-Producer Ritchie Taylor. The first day was an
exhausting one with three set-ups that included a night action shoot for the opening sequence. To say that everyone was incredible is
an understatement and although it was a tough shoot, we all pulled through in the end with some amazing work given. Behind the camera
were a true collection of professionals including Make-up Supervisor Jeanni French (who has gone onto bigger productions), Director of
Photography Gary Andrews, Art Director Rob Martins, 1st AD David Decio and Script Supervisor Sarah Musk.
Filming the Cavern scenes
Happy faces inbetween takes
Marq sets up a shot

The last couple of days were devoted to all the crypt scenes and we were lucky enough to have a cellar underneath a hospital in Surrey at our disposal. Since this was crammed with old rubbish, it was impossible to clear everything out and Rob Martins not only made room for shooting, but dressed the set beyond belief to transform it into Kara's Lair.

Thanks to all who helped in the making of thois Production including Brian Freemantle, Pamela English for Catering, Lucy Smith, Kevin Littlefield, The
Travel Channel UK, Katie Gilbert, Douglas Slocombe, Banstead Place Hospital, Egotrip Films, Bright Yellow Films, Dick Bower & Jo Catterole at Interval International.

18th August 2002 
Charles Cryer Studio Theatre, Surrey, England 

15th July 2002 
SCOLA Complex, Sutton, Surrey, England

MEV Productions (c) 2001