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UK 2015 10m Episodes

Ancient Isle is a Web Series about discovering England's hidden landscape. Presenter Marq English travels off the beaten path to Town's and Villages  discovering our nation's history and heritage.

UK 2013 70m Comedy Feature Film

The sleepy English Village of Ravenswood has always been a mystical place but within this rural paradise lies an uneasy alliance as pagans, druids and travellers have also made this their home. But a new road being built through the ancient and sacred Coxley Wood has ignited a new battle between pagan protestors and the local residents. At the same time, sightings of ghosts, fairies and spirits are being reported from all over the Village that leads to an influx of media interest.

So take a trip to Ravenswood where everyone is away with the Fairies! 

UK 2007 - 2015

A selection of Video Diaries from over the years. as well as travel Vlogs, there are also Production Diaries from the making of various movies by other companies.

UK 2003 - 2015

A selection of Short Films from various genres.

UK 2006 - 2012 / 10 - 20m Episodes

Spiral is a UK Team established to investigate Paranormal Activity and Earth Mysteries. Presenting full-length video episodes detailing investigations which can be watched online.

UK TV Premiere 
November 2009 / The Unexplained Channel

UK 2011 60m Documentary

What is it that makes a Doctor Who fan a Doctor Who fan? This documentary celebrates the weird, wacky and wonderful world of Doctor Who fandom.

UK 2010 38m Documentary

Documentary detailing a Charity Event for HELP FOR HEROES organised by Compass Paranormal at Fort Amherst in Kent with Guests Jacky Newcomb, Barrie John, Richard Felix, Roy Roberts and Frank Bruno

UK 2007 38m Documentary

Join a group of Guest Paranormal Investigators who enter the depths of the London Dungeons for a night of Spooky fun.

Organised by Famous and Frightened.

Not currently available

UK 2007 70m Comedy Feature Film

The English village of Ravenswood has always been a mystical place; tales of ghosts, ley-lines, fairies and the devil have all been part of the village's heritage for well over a thousand years but this was nothing compared to what is arriving on the Summer Solstice!

Heathens vs Heritage in a Close Encounter of the Rural Kind!

Marq English  Heather Tracy  Adrian Palmer  Richard Aloi  Robert Hamilton  Rupert Booth Mark Trinick  Karla McKenna  Sarah Lee-Allen  Eve Webster  Giuliano Zampi  Carys Lewis

UK 2004 30m Comedy

Fifteen years after the cancelation of Cult British Sci-Fi series TIMEQUAKE, members of the cast and crew reminice for the DVD release of the original's CultTV, but not as you know it!

Mark Bennett  Rupert Booth  George Murphy  Matt Wolf  Marq English  Ritchie Taylor James O'Donnell  Dannie Carr

UK 2003 37m Documentary

Documentary charting the history and staging of a traditional pantomime with The Carshalton Pantomime Company, one of the longest running community drama groups in the UK.

UK 2003 18m Comedy

The story of Alex Grant, a struggling actor looking for that big break whilst competing with various dramas that plaque his life whilst being filmed for a new TV documentary programme.

Matt Wolf  Dawn Rhodes-Shaw  Heather Tracy  Adam Shaw  Adrian Palmer George Murphy  Sadie McMahon  and India Fisher

UK TV Premiere 
July 2007 / Propeller TV

UK 2001 28m Action / Fantasy

Dark Fantasy Thriller that throws an innocent woman into a nightmare world with only a lone warrior called Cole to protect her from an Army of Shadows.

Matt Wolf  Dawn Martin  Joy Tinniswood  Heather Tracy  George Murphy  Adrian Palmer

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