YEAR 2010
DURATION 37 mins
RATIO 16.9

Fort Amherst is probably one of the best surviving examples of Georgian military architecture. The main underground tunnel system is steeped in history and
is said to be rife with paranormal activity. Visitors have experienced male and female voices, the sound of footsteps, and the apparition of a male figure.

On 13th February 2010, Compass Paranormal hosted a special charity event in aid of Help for Heroes and MEV Productions were hired to produce a film
of the evening. Approximately 200 ticket holders gathered at Fort Amherst in Kent for an night of paranormal activity hosted by Angel Lady and best
selling author Jacky Newcomb along with Paranormal Historian Richard Felix (Most Haunted), mediums Barrie John (Most Haunted), Roy Roberts
and special guest Frank Bruno.

The Guests with Frank Bruno
Jacky Newcomb and Barrie John
Barrie John on the Coach
Marq English with Richard Felix
Interviewing the public
Filming at the Fort Entrance
Vigil in the Great Hall
Marq English and Roy Roberts
Barrie, Richard, Jacky and Roy
Marq with Denise Mott of Compass

The evening started at 9pm with everyone assembling in a grand marquee giving the guests a chance to meet each other, the team and mediums. Jackie gave
an introduction and let everyone know what to expect. There was a reenactment group playing drums during the event opening and added atmosphere throughout
the evening. Guests were divided into smaller groups and taken around by the team, giving them an historical tour and a chance to conduct séances and vigils.
The team set up equipment around the fort for the purpose of the experiments, hoping the guests will got a chance to experience, including a spirit board and a coffin! 
The evening was very successful raising thousands of pounds for the Help for Heroes charity and was also the launch of the Compass Paranormal Company.

Presenter Jacky Newcomb explores Fort Amherst along with Historian Richard Felix (Most Haunted), Mediums
Barrie John (Most Haunted), Roy Roberts and Special Guest Frank Bruno.

Promo Video to advertise the Event
Guests tell of their own personal experiences
Footage from the Making of the Documentary
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