YEAR 2003
DURATION 18 mins
Shelf Life is a mocumentary about a film crew who follow a week in the life of struggling actor Alex Grant. With no new work
on the horizon, Alex is delighted to be called for a meeting with his agent Madeline James who has news of an audition. Paul Reeves, a
playwright who is riding high on the success of ‘The Power Hose’ at the NFT, has a new play in pre-production called ‘Three Sides to
Passion’ and Alex is asked to audition.

Alex grasps this opportunity and is determined to be more focused at the casting and a little less ‘method!’ 
But will flatmate Ash get all the acting work? Will girlfriend Susie manage to pin Alex down to tell him some life changing news?

And will Alex ever get a grip on reality?

Matt Wolf Alex Grant Dawn Rhodes-Shaw Susie Blake  Heather Tracey Madeline James  Adam Shaw Ash Gorman
Adrian Palmer Paul ReevesSadie MacMahon Louise  Giuliano Zampi George India Fisher Herself
Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Marq English
Music by Ritchie Taylor  'Waiting Out' Written and Preformed by Mel Sanson

Presented here is the SHELF LIFE Movie.
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''All the World's a Stage''

Reeves meets his actors
Is Alex really this happy?
Madeline in denial
The ever patient Susie
Domestic on audition day!
'It's all to do with heart!'
India Fisher remembers
Ash and Susie
Alex picks up his script
Reeves watches the audition

One script, no dialogue, pure improvisation. Could it be done? We think so and this was down to the exceptionally talented cast. 
Matt Wolf (Dawnrazor) returned to work with Director Marq English once again, playing the hapless actor Alex Grant with strong support
from Dawn Rhodes-Shaw, Heather Tracy, Adam Shaw, Adrian Palmer, India Fisher, Sadie McMahon, Giuliano Zampi and George Murphy.

Originally written in 1999, Shelf Life was onceived as a humorous study of the acting profession through the activities of one particular thespian.
Drawing on the recent trend of reality television, director Marq English decided that the documentary approach best suited the style of the piece. 
Using the storyline structure as a baseline, the actors performed their parts from rehearsed improvisation so to bring a naturalistic performance to
the film. This was an enjoyable shoot and the production went very smoothly, filming from September 2002 to January 2003. 

Music once again, was provided by resident composer Ritchie Taylor and the songs composed and performed by singer / songwriter Mel Sanson
with the excellent 'Waiting Out' book tailing the film.

The film was premiered on May 18th 2003 at the Sutton Short Film Festival where it was warmly recieved. Mel Sanson even provided an acoustic
version of the theme song to the Festival attendees. A distribution deal was struck for European screening rights in 2003 with a company
called Fastshooters until they went (unfortunately) out of business in 2004. 

Date: 18th May 2003
Venue: Charles Cryer Studio Theatre
Sutton, Surrey, England

Date: 10–20th February 2005
Venue: C-base, Run gestraße 20, 10179, Berlin, Germany

Date: 22nd August 2007
Channel: UK SKY TV 195

MEV Productions (c) 2003